Winslow the 38th


Winslow the 38th, Big Winslow, The Big One
His ancestors
Clifferata, Shriekahoora, Lube Kanoobee
Cat,Dog, Lolita Seven, Mervania, Dunglapia, Mr. Sunspock, Randolphoran
Voice Actor
Carlos Alazraqui

Winslow the 38th is a character in "CatDog 3001".


Winslow the 38th was a descendant of Winslow who have exercised to become a powerful rat. He mostly resembled Winslow except with more features. Until his defeat by CatDog, he ruled Nearburg.

He is first seen forcing a crowd to pay tribute to him and then shooting donuts at them for discipline. Dog and Cat talked about why he existed, much to Cat's regret until he figures out his weakness. Winslow the 38th appears again in a tower where he lives. In there he enjoyed tickling his prisoners. He ate a servant with the cheese delivered to him and his skeleton was spitted out. His henchmen, which are descendants of the Greaser Dogs, reported to him that they found the rebel headquarters and found a secret weapon being built to be used against him. Winslow the 38th told his henchmen that their weapons can't match their weapons and went on to wear their "scary battle outfits". He and the Greaser Dog descendants attacked the base, destroying the time-traveling machine. His henchmen were defeated but he chased Dog across the city and shot him down to the ground. After Dog became unconscious, Cat counters Winslow the 38th by using Dog as a vacuum which, sucking the evil Winslow and his henchmen into Cat. He and the future Greaser Dogs became enclosed in a cage and peace is restored in Nearburg.


Winslow the 38th is the 38th descendant of Winslow in 1000 years and the result of his ancestor's embarrassing act by Cat to exercise for 1000 years, in which his sucessors follow the same thing to become an all-powerful being. He is a large muscular blue mouse with a mohawk, mustache, purple pants, violet cape, and black shoes. He sits in a floating chair that can shoot donuts. He is the ruler of a future Nearburg that is severely affected by his rule. His henchmen are descendants of the Greaser Dogs. His enemies are CatDog and the descendants of their friends.

Quotes Edit

"Behold, it is I, Winslow the 38th! I'm big, I'm blue, and I'm bad. KNEEL BEFORE ME, YOU SWINE!! Ha, ha, ha!" - Winslow the 38th's boast before he fires donut missiles to control the populace.


  • He is also known as Big Winslow.
  • Some viewers mistakenly thought that he is Winslow even though he is actually a descendant of him.

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