CAT: Oh, yeah (blue paint)

DOG: Oh, yeah (red paint)

DOG: Like, this is! (the big storm is here) Give me a hand here, cat

(The storms coming and the house is monochromatic, Catdog's bedroom is black and yellow, and the bed is yellow and purple is outlined)

DOG: Between beds.

MALE: (TV is blue and pale blue is outlined) Yo, gally Chuck, is the another perfect day for a Sophomore lay .... (2 TV is smoking gray, the bathroom is orange, green, and maroon, refridgerator is green and purple, the cabinet is red and blue and statue of liberty is not)

WINSLOW: That's my little puppets.

DOG: My milkbone! You wait!

DOG: (cries) My hat.

CAT: Kiss, Mr. Thirstyhead, Get back.

CAT: My Tug-O-War trophy! It's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine! (the trophy is flashed by the power, and their house is cutting along)

WINSLOW: Now that's what I called a family reunion. (they goes back in surreal reverie)

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