It may have been a year since I joined the wiki but here is how I think of it as of this post.

Since when I was very young I watched CatDog a lot along with other Nicktoons. I loved the show to the point like other Nicktoons. It helps that every week day I watched the show in the time slot right before I go to school. 

Now there is the CatDog wiki. Founded in 2010, it would be the wikia with all information about the show. However, I think it needed a lot of work compared to some of its sister wikis. The wiki is plagued with vandalism and became a hotspot for irrelevant fan speculation content. It does not help that the admin last logged in 2011. It has general information about the show but it needs a lot of episode specific info like characters, settings, and transcripts. . Adding pages and helping people should help improve the wiki. Assistance and  contributions from other users is greatly welcomed too so this wiki can be as good as Encyclopedia Spongebobia and other Nicktoon wikis.

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