• Cartoonkid2009

    Hello, I'm new to CatDog Wiki, and for my interduction I have to say I love CatDog. It has been a huge part of my childhood since it debuted, and I now have the full series that was released by Shout Factory. The DVD set is amazing as it has very episode of the series, including the TV movie and the specials and some season 4 episodes that don't play on Teen Nick on their 90s are all that block.

    I'm so glad I have all the episodes of one of my favorite childhood series. It is so fun to re-watch them after all these years. I believe the episodes are in their original chronological order and not in the order Nickelodeon aired them.

    I think it's really nice to see that Nickelodeon cares about their older audiences unlike Cartoon Network and Dis…

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