The Unnatural
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date Feburary 19 1999
Written by Andrew Gottlieb
Directed by Russ Mooney
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 The Unnatural is the 15th episode of Season 2.

Characters PresentEdit


While playing sandlot baseball with the Greaser, Dog is a superstar, but Cat is humiliated. After an inspirational story from Dog, Cat sets out to perfect his ball-playing skills.


While being picked in a schoolyard pick for sandlot baseball, Cliff refuses to pick Cat as the catcher for his team, since Cat is a terrible baseball player. Cliff even wants to pick a mailbox over Cat, but reluctantly decides to pick him for Dog's sake. Dog scores a home run, and is praised as a superstar by the Greasers, while Cat is ridiculed and called a loser.

Cat spends the night crying on the ball field, and after he stops, Dog gives the inspirational story of Murray "The Mule" Marconi, a former sandlot player who, like Cat was one of the worst on the team, but by going through physical training and perfecting his baseball skills, he ended up being one of the most well-known sandlot players. Cat begins his training the next day, and while struggling at first, he ends up being able to hit baseballs with perfection.

At the next sandlot game, Cat chickens out upon seeing the Greasers and hatches a plan. Sewing together masks, he wears a mask posing as "Dog" while Dog wears a mask posing as "Cat", that way, the Greasers will believe Cat has improved as a ball-player.

The plan works and "Cat" is perceived as a superstar, while "Dog" sees that his ball skills are still terrible and causes Dog to now been seen as a loser. Shriek screams to "Dog" to score the winning run and after Murray "The Mule" shows up and gives "Dog" a pep talk to believe in yourself, Cat removes their mask, revealing the deception. Cat, however, still strikes out after revealing themselves. Cat, taking Murray's advice, pulls out of the game. Cat is then replaced by the mailbox as catcher, which falls over and outs Shriek when Cliff throws the ball inside of it.


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