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This song is sung by CatDog in the episode "Talking Turkey".

Lyrics Edit

Cat: Uh Thanksgiving's the time for cranberries! Uh, Pilgrims, and stuffing and cranberries! They're red, juciy, very sour, cranberries. Make Thanksgiving what it is today, cranberries, cranberries...

Cliff: What about the turkey?

Cat: Yeah, but what about the gravy? Yeah its thick, brown, lumpy, bumby, gravy. Better than what they served you in the navy! And uh, did i mention that i love cranberries, the berries of cran!

Cliff: I love the turkey!

Cat: Yes but, what about the cranberries? And...things that rhyme with cranberry? Help me out Dog, something about cranberries.

Dog: Oh turkey! turkey! Don't forget the yummy yummy turkey! Turkey, turkey, tuuuuuurrrkeeeyyy!!!

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