The Mailman (Formerly The Paperboy) is a one -time character who appears once in the episode "Fistful of Mail! "


As the mailman, he is a tall green lizard whp wear a black cowboy hat, brown carrying on straps,blue jeans and brown boots, he also has a golden tooth on left side of his mouth.

As the paperboy,he was a hefty kid with a bkue cap on backwards, a red shirt, blue pants and black shoes, he also wore glasses


When he was a kid, the Paperboy was the only person that Dog couldn't take a bite on, even smacking him with a rolled up newspaper and called him "Slowpoke"

Years later, after Dog took a bite from Mervis Pants, The Mailman was brought in to deliver the mail. At first Dog thought it would be another sitch to bite his butt, However it was shown that the Mailman was too fast as time after time Dog is unable to capture him, which caused him to retire from what he love, as he is ridicule by the past delivery people he took a bite out of. Later he enounter Dog again, as he reveal himself as the Paperboy who mocked him in the past.  As both ran towards each other, a cloud of dust forms as they both get to the mailbox, followed by a loud ripping sound. The Mailman not only discovers that the box is empty, but Dog has bitten his butt and ripped his pants. This causes him to cry and runaway, being called "SlowPoke".


  • He was shown to be so fast that just by stepping on a hat slowly would cause it to burst into flames.

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