The Amazing Ray
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Occupation Magician (unlicensed)
Interests Magic
Relatives (none known)
Friends (none known)
Enemies CatDog, Rancid Rabbit
Voice actor Billy West
First Appearance CatDog Divided
Last Appearance CatDog Divided
Personal Information
  Magician (unlicensed)
  (none known)
  CatDog, Rancid Rabbit
The Amazing Ray is a minor character and magician who only appeared in CatDog Divided. He sawed CatDog in half but before he could put them back together, he was arrested for practicing magic without a license (and wearing a really bad toupee). CatDog went to jail to have Ray put them back but he disappeared like magic. They saw a poster for "The Amazing Fay's" magic show in Farburg and went there to have Fay (Ray in disguise) put them back which he does (or so they think). Ray was voiced by Billy West.

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