tooth switch


Season 3, Episode 4b
October 16, 1999
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Directed by
Robert Porter, Dominic Orlando, Arne Wong
Written by
Jon Ross

"Teeth for Two" is an episode in season three. In this episode Cat and Dog learn they affect each other's teeth during a dentist visit, so a result, Cat's teeth become a mess, so he tries to change Dog's diet as well as clean his teeth.



CatDog is in the Nearburg Dental Center for Dog's dental treatment. They asked a goat for an appointment, and they proceed into the dentist. As they wait Cat tells Dog about the operation that will be performed on his mouth. When Rancid opens the door, they enter but Dog is scared about the procedure. When the room is litted, CatDog sees the dentist machinery in the ceiling which makes them scream and they try to leave but the door closes and bounces them to the chair.

When Rancid opens Dog's mouth and examines it, he finds his mouth perfect, which surprises Cat. Then he checks Cat's mouth and notices that his mouth is unclean. Rancid scans CatDog through an X-ray and discovers that in both CatDog's mouths what one does to his teeth affects the other one's teeth. He tells CatDog that surgery is the only way to control the condition.

As CatDog walks in Nearburg, Cat warns Dog from eating garbage, although Dog eats a screw and an old man which comes out of Cat's mouth. In the house, Cat prepares salad and he and Dog eats it but when Dog drops his fork and looks for it, he eats a lollipop under the table, which hurts Cat's mouth. Cat retaliates Dog by eating ice and Dog does it back by chewing aluminum foil but Cat truces. After the truce, Cat presents a cake made of toothpaste, fluoride, and dental floss for Dog. Cat's teeth is in a better condition but Dog is tricked by Cat, and puts the cake into Cat's mouth.

When CatDog is in bed, Cat's mouth is still hurting after Dog ate junk food. He tries to clean Dog's mouth but Dog wakes up seeing an inside-out Cat. Dog tells Cat to stay out of his mouth but the two starts a war on ruining the other's teeth.

After a series attempts of hurting each other's teeth Cat and Dog's teeth are worsen. CatDog apologizes each other for hurting the other brother's teeth. They return to Rancid where he examines their mouths again. Rancid tells CatDog that in their mouths he will eliminate everything to gums and make a total buildup. After the process CatDog has new teeth but they now have food allergies that affect their skin. Rancid tells them to take an expensive and painful acid bath to treat it, worrying CatDog again.

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