Taco Depot

Taco Depot is a mexican restaurant in Nearburg. It appears in "All You Can't Eat" and CatDog: Quest for the Golden Hydrant.


It is located on a chain of fast-food restaurants, where it is next to another restaurant called House of Lard. The building is shaped as a large taco. Its entrance in the middle of the shell. Behind the building is a structurally different rear part of the building with the kitchen and drive-thru. In the front, a statue of Mr. Depot holds the sign.


The interior has a mexican theme. The ceiling is cyan colored, with red lights hanging from it. The walls are yellow with cyan zigzags with jalapenos hanging in them and there are few cracks. The floor is comprised of red tiles. The salad bar is comprised of a table with two volcanic-shaped sauce compartments with taco components below them and pipes containing sauce above it to the ceiling. In Quest for the Golden Hydrant the bathroom is visited, with a hint of the Golden Hydrant's location written in one of the bathroom stalls.


  • The statue of Mr. Depot for unknown reasons changes expressions throughout "All You Can't Eat".
  • It appears to be a parody of fast-food Mexican restaurants, such as Taco Bell.
  • The hint of the Golden hydrant's location in one of the bathroom stalls is "There once was a day from Poutucket, who did all his business in a bucket... 'Til one day of old he marked something gold and told everyone else to go to the Museum of Natural History". It is not a poem as Cat says it does not rhyme.