Sumo Enchanted Evening


Season 3, Episode 2a
October 9, 1999
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Written By
Andrew Gottlieb
Supervising Director
Robert Porter
Storyboard Superviser
Scott Wood
Storyboard Artist
Steve Owen
Animation Director
Russ Mooney

"Sumo Enchanted Evening"is an episode in season 2. In this episode, CatDog eats at Rancid's buffet.



CatDog jogs at Nearburg. Soon they meet Rancid Rabbit in front of his restaurant Rancid Rabbit's Rib Room. Rancid tells them if they want eat inside his restaurant and CatDog agrees to eat there. As they go inside, Dog begins to eat the ribs voraciously, which annoys cat that Dog can't control eating too much. When Rancid brings sushi to CatDog, Cat starts eating it because of the fish in it. As they eat, Cat is concerned if they lost their minds eating too much but they begin eating "side-dishes". CatDog eats a lot food as they become fatter.

When Cat and Dog notices that their appearances changed, Rancid gives CatDog dessert. After CatDog eats their dessert they notice that they are fat. Rancid shows CatDog the cost of their buffets totaling $34000. CatDog are mad at Rancid for the sheer price of eating at his buffet. Offering CatDog a chance to cover the debts, Rancid shows CatDog Dunglap, Randolph, and Eddie working in harsh conditions.

Rancid takes CatDog to work at the bathroom. After CatDog realizes that since they are fat, they decide to leave without paying the debt and free the workers. CatDog pushes Rancid into a table. Soon, Rancid takes of his corset and challenges CatDog.

The brawl between CatDog and Rancid is set up as a sumo tournament. CatDog and Rancid fights each other. After Rancid throws CatDog, he tells them that they must work at his restaurant forever. CatDog eats more food and when Rancid jumps at them, he bounces back and CatDog grows bigger. As Rancid pleads to be spared, CatDog takes him down. Randolph frees Eddie from the wheel, and Eddie runs over Rancid, leaving a temporary trail-blaze. CatDog leaves the restaurant, damaging part of the wall around the entrance.


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