Send in the CatDog


Season 2, Episode 1a
February 15th, 1999
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Directed by
Brian Ray
Written by
Steven Banks

Send in the CatDog is the first episode of Season 2.

Characters Edit

  • Susie Sourpuss
  • Sargent Sillybells
  • Clown School Approval Man
  • Other Clowns
  • Susies Dolls

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with CatDog riding their bike through town. Dog wants to go to clown school. Cat reluctantly agrees. So They Come And They Are Accepted?

Then They Meet a Clown Sargent And a Bunch Of Other Clowns The Sargent Says if Cat Gots What it Takes to become a Clown So They Do The Training To be a Clown

The 1st Training They Do is the Banana Peel Cat Dosent Want To But the Clown Sargent Does So He Does it Only to get his Fur Messy

The 2nd Training They Do is Getting in the Clown Car The Other Clowns Get in the Car But CatDog Cant Fit in But they Do It Anyways

The 3rd Training Is The Pie Throwing The Clown Sargent Throws Pies at the Other Clown Except for Cat Who Dosent want his Fur to Get Messy Again The Clown Sargent Fires Cat But He Did the Banana Peel and The Car

The Final Training is Come to Susie Sourpusses Birthday They Do Dog Trys It But He Gets Clobbered and Wacked By Her Dog Asks Cat To Do it So he Does But several Failed Attempts Lead him to Go Cuckooish And He Rips His Hair Out But it Reveals That Susie Likes That

Graduation Day Comes Cat is Now a Clown But Is Horrified To Reveal That Its a 20 Pie Salute Then The Other Clowns Throw Pies at Him Offscreen

And He Says Stuff Offscreen And it Fades Then After That The Episode Closes.

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