Safety Sammy

Safety Sammy is a minor character that appears in Safety Dog. He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

He teaches everyone about what safety is and he suffers a lot of gruesome injury (like being crushed by earth, getting electrocuted by an outlet, beheaded by the giant living scissor, getting burned by matches, swallowed a fly, getting fallen off the edge) and the end of the video shows the words "Dedicated to the Memory of Safety Sammy".

Appearances Edit

Safety Sammy wears a helmet, red shirt with the blue S on it, and sky blue pants and blue shoes.


  • He is similar To Mr. Bill, a clay figure from a series of Saturday Night Live skits who suffers a lot of injuries. They have similar catchphrases. Safety Sammys catchphrase is "Owie!" and Mr. Bill's catchphrase phrase is "Oh Nooo!".

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