"Safety Dog"

Written by

Supervising Directors

Storyboard Director

Animation Director


"Dog Come Home"

Written by

  • Andy Rheingold

Supervising Directors

  • Robert Porter
  • Russ Mooney

Storyboard Director

  • Gary Goldstein

Animation Director


  • Denis M. Hannigan

End Credits Edit

Executive Producer


Supervising Producer

Line Producers

Supervising Story Editor


Production Manager

Production Coordinators

Main Character Design

  • Peter Hannan

Character Design

Prop Design

Layout Supervisor

Layout Artists

Background Supervisors

Background Painters

Background Coordinator

Background Assistant

Color Production Supervisor

Supervising Color Stylist

Color Key Assistant

Color Associate

Casting Director

Casting Supervisor


Sheet Timers

Revision Supervisor

Storyboard Clean-up

Production Assistants

Executive Assistant

Writers Assistant

Production Interns

CatDog Theme Song

  • Written and sung by Peter Hannan
  • Arranged and produced by Denis M. Hannigan

Post Production Director

Picture Editor

Post Production Coordinator

Assistant Editors

Post Production Assistant

Sound Supervisor and Mixer

Supervising Sound FX Editor

Dialogue Editors

Dialogue & Foley Mixer

Foley Artist

Re-Recording Mixers

Music Mixer

Sound Services Provided by

On-Line Editors

DaVinci Colorist

Post Production Services

Animation Services

Supervising Director/Korea

Overseas Supervisor

Thanks to

Production Executive

© 1998 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved.

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