Safety Dog

Safety Dog is a Season 1 Episode of CATDOG It was Released in 1998


Cat is tired of Dog going on hurtful adventures so he advises Dog to become a safety dog.


It Starts on a Peaceful Day on Nearburg Until CATDOG Is seen Ruining the Peace Due to DOGS Hurtful Adventures Cat Tells Dog to Be a Safety Dog After Realizing that Cat has 9 Lives and Dog only has 1 So After that Cat Lets DOG Watch a Safety Sammy Tape That Shows Nothing but a Cut out man Trying to Teach Safety but it Fails So DOG Has a Dream when DOG Is Being chased After some Scissors After that Dog Becomes A Safety Dog TO MUCH OF A SAFETY DOG! Sp After a Experience Cat Becomes More Like DOG But After that Dog becomes his Old Lovable Reckless Self Again And it shows CAT Being In Pain with the Washers Then the Cartoon Closes out


  • This Episode shows that the Founder of NearBurg was a Man
  • IRONY Soda Dosent Make your Stomach Explode


  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Safety Sammy
  • Scissor Dude
  • Birds or Ducks
  • The Greasers


  • During Dogs Dream Dog is Not Attached to Cat
  • Unfortunately cats actually have 1 life, not 9. But cats can survive high falls.


  • Safety Sammy is a Reference To a Saturday Night Live Skit Called MR Bill? A Claymation Figure who Gets Tortured They Try to Do Something good but Fails They Even have Similar Catchphrases

Sammys Catchphrase is Owie! While Bills is Oh Nooo!

  • The Scissor Dude Is a Reference On Sluggo Another Nod to The Mr Bill Skits


Safety Sammy