Rodeo CatDog


Season 3, Episode 4
October 16, 1999
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Directed by
Robert Porter, Dan Povenmire, Russ Mooney
Written by
Jon Ross

"Rodeo CatDog" is the fourth episode in season three. In this episode CatDog gets a rodeo career.



CatDog enters a state fair. As they walk, Cat complains about going in there. Cat soon finds a door where he and Dog find themselves in a rodeo arena. When Dog finds a bull, he yells "Bull!" and the bull throws his rider to the door CatDog used. CatDog runs away from the bull but with Dog biting the Bull's tail and roping around him, the Bull gets dizzy. CatDog enters the locker room where they find Rancid about to turn CatDog into "Rodeo Superstars". Cat turns away but a group of amazed people surround him and Dog. A girl wants CatDog's autographs, where CatDog write their autographs for her. Then CatDog writes their signatures for Rancid so they can rodeo.

CatDog does rodeo for a minute. After they rodeo, the Greasers appear and approach to the bull but it tackles Lube. CatDog is seen doing rodeo again, and Lube hids in a barrel finally like Cliff and Shriek except that the bull enters his barrel and beats him.

In the next scene Dog sings with a guitar, which displays his and Cat's success in rodeo. Rancid appears where he announces a schedule change that CatDog has to ride Pointy Horns McGirk instead of Marshmallow Girl. As Cat doubts riding him, Pointy Horns appears. Rancid tells CatDog and Pointy Horns to compete since the two never lose, and Rancid tells the former that they will take a "dive". Cat tells Dog that they must retire after doing the match with P.H.

CatDog is on Pointy Horns's in the arena. Dog tells Cat that they can't take the dive but Cat thinks Pointy Horns should win but after he sees the crowd cheering for CatDog, he changes his mind. After five seconds, Rancid opens the bull's pen and Pointy Horns is unleashed. The bull takes many poses and he stands up. As CatDog still holds on to Pointy Horns, Cat believes that they should win. Pointy Horns attempts to get CatDog out of his back by doing acts like jumping from a tall jump board and using CatDog as a rubber band. After many stunts by Pointy Horns, CatDog finally defeat Pointy Horns. Despite their victory, it turns out that the crowd wants CatDog to lose and throws rotten vegetables at them. Rancid fires CatDog from their Rodeo career. CatDog leaves the rodeo arena through a door but they enter another more deadly arena. A lion growls at CatDog and chases them.


  • One of the magazines in the sequence where Dog sings is a parody of Time Magazine.
  • The arena CatDog accidentally enters after they quit rodeo is based on an ancient Roman amphitheater.

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