Rich Shriek Poor Shriek


Season 3, Episode 7b
October 23, 1999
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Written By
Steven Banks
Supervising Director
Robert Porter
Storyboard Artist
Glen Lovett
Storyboard Director
Trevor Bentley
Animation Director
Eduardo Soriano

"Rich Shriek Poor Shriek" is an episode in season three. In this episode, Rancid the Rabbit hires CatDog, Cliff and Lube to cater a fancy party, but little do they know the party's for Shriek.



A party is held in a mansion. Inside the mansion, Rancid Rabbit tells his workers CatDog, Cliff, and Lube to work. When Cat puts food in the table, Dog eats it. Cat tells him not to eat the food. He also tells Dog that their occupations is the only way to meet Nearburg's rich elite.

The next scene, Rancid informs his workers that the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dubois is coming to dinner. Later CatDog looks at the rich people talking about how superior they are.

The scene shifts to Shriek and her parents in Shriek's bedroom. Mrs. Dubois tells Shriek to go downstairs but Shriek tells her that she is not friends with the rich guests and that she belongs to the Greasers. Mrs. Dubois demands her to go downstairs, where Shriek does. Downstairs, CatDog mingles with the guests, while Lube and Cliff disappoints some.

When the guests are interested with CatDog, Mr. and Mrs. Dubois introduces Shriek to the guests. Confused, Cliff thought that she is visiting her father in the state prison. When Shriek passes by Cliff and Lube, she discovers them. Cliff notices that Shriek ran away from him and Lube and that they are hanging out with someone rich when he and Lube are poor. He and Lube leaves the mansion. Cat tells Shriek if he can meet the Prince of Whales.

When Cliff and Lube leaves, CatDog taunts them for leaving their jobs and the mansion. Cliff and Lube decides to return to the mansion to beat CatDog up. When they come tell the guests and Shriek that they are Greasers. They throw food and tease at the guests. The guests, Mr. Dubois, Mrs. Dubois, and Shriek participate in the food fight. Shriek rejoins Cliff and Lube and leaves to their home. Mr. Dubois comes with the Greasers.

Shriek tells CatDog to back to where they belong but Cat wants to go to Welshburg with the prince. When the prince wants Dog to fly in first class and Cat in the cargo in the plane, Dog tries to save Cat but the prince throws them out of the mansion. The Greasers chases CatDog and Mr. Dubois follows the Greasers.