Rancid Rabbit


Rancid Rabbit
Mayor, Police Warden, Dentist,and manger of Taco Depot (formely)
CatDog, Dunglap, The Greaser Dogs (Occasionally), Mr. Sunshine (Occasionally) Randolph Grant (Occasionally)
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Voice actor

Rancid Rabbit (voiced by Billy West) is the stereotypical authority figure and is a semi-antagonist of the series. He had his job titles like police officer, life guard, prison guard, firefighter, boss of various businesses, principal, president, mayor, Egyptian pharaoh, doctor, TV host, contest judge, store and Taco Depot manager, etc. In one episode, he appears as a principal at a school and at the end, as a police officer. When Cat asks him about this, he never receives an answer. Rancid takes advantage of CatDog as much as he can by deceiving them into buying his products or pushing them to do his bidding in a job. He does whatever it takes to take their money or benefit himself in any way. He constantly says "Leaping Lumbago" and "What, What, What." Rancid owns a mall called the Mall of Malls (a parody of the Mall Of America), and has a spoiled niece named Rancine. Rancid also has a cousin named Rotten, who lives in Farburg.


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