Picture This is a Season three episode. In this episode, Dog takes embarrasing pictures of people.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with CatDog at the dump of Taco Deport. Dog is digging in the trash and Cat is reading a newspaper. Cat is tried of this so he decides to let dog pick something else to do. They go home and Cat digs though his mermory chest. Dog says no to most of the things. When Cat pulls out his old camera, Dog decides to take pictures. CatDog are in their living room and Dog takes a picture of a shoe,stick and bone. Lola asks what is going. Then Lola asks Dog if he thought about taking pictures of people. Dog goes ahead with that idea. Lola warns Dog about taking pictures of people. Dog starts taking pictures of Cat. After many pictures of him sleeping, Cat tells Dog to take pictures of someone else and Dog go aheads. The next morning, Wislow is getting ready to take a bath. As he takes off his robe, Dog snaps the camera.

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