Nostradummy predicting that a cat and dog would be joined as one.


A dark cloud shaped like Nostradummy's face in the end of the episode.

Nostradummy is a minor character in the episode The End.


Nostradummy was a seer who is the author of his book "Nostradummy's Big Book of Predictions". He speculated many predictions such as " mountains will fly", "trees will speak Japanese" and "a cat and dog will be joined as one", in which were compiled in his book. Cat read a copy of his book to learn about an omen based on his observations from Winslow's telescope in which he believes would be "the rain to end all rains."

In the end of the episode a dark cloud resembling an elephant riding a unicycle transformed into a face of Nostradamus with an evil laugh, which became an omen Dog became afraid of.


  • He is based on the French seer Nostradamus.
  • Although Cat said that he existed for over a thousand years, in real-life Nostradamus existed around 500 years ago.
  • He predicted the existence of CatDog and trees speaking Japanese (2 of his predictions actually came true).
  • In the credits his name is misspelled as "Nonstradummy".

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