Nine Lives

Nine Lives

Season 2, Episode 8
February 24, 1999
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Directed by
Robert Porter, Dominic Orlando, Marlene May
Written by
Agi Fodor, Chris Gilligan
Music by
Denis M. Hannigan

Nine Lives is an episode in Season 2. In this episode, Cat's nine lives escape from his attic and make chaos in Nearburg.

Characters presentEdit


Cat is vacuuming the attic of their house but Dog growls at the vacuum. Cat told Dog to clean a portion of the attic out of dust for two minutes and did so until when he found a strange box. Dog opens the box which reveals another box. Dog opens it and found eight bottles. He tries to drink a bottle but Cat told him not to. Cat told Dog that cats have nine lives so they can extra lives for safekeeping. Dog spits out the contents of the bottle he drank, which caused one of Cat's Nine Lives to be free and then opened the other bottles for the other lives to emerge. The lives escaped from CatDog's house and flew to Nearburg. Feeling upset, Cat told Dog that he can't survive without them.

The Cat-lives wreck havoc in Nearburg, doing trouble like stealing from a grocery store, messing with the Greaser Dogs and emptying a cookies and milk truck containing Mr. Sunshine. Cat and Dog built a machine so they can capture the lives. In the night the Cat-lives sing "I've been working on the Railroad" on a power line, disturbing an elderly cat woman and causing an electric overcharge in Nearburg which literally scorched the Earth.

CatDog are done finishing their machine and entered a ruined Nearburg to stop the Cat-lives threat. They found Cat-life 8 eating a mouse and tried to chase him with their bike but crashed into a post box. They continue chasing Cat's life but Cat found an angry mob who seek to kill the lives. Cat told them that he is not one of the lives but the mob pursue him and Dog but they avoided them by hiding under a bridge. Although Cat thought that he is hopeless, he and Dog figured out that the Cat-lives are in the fish market. They found the lives and sucked all of them except Cat-life 9, which took Cat's place while Cat was sucked in to the vacuum. Dog and Cat-life 9 walked in the middle of a road in Nearburg with Dog not realizing that he sucked his brother into the vacuum.


  • The episode's plot is a reference to Ghostbusters.
  • Dog managed to capture only 6 of the eight lives, meaning that Cat's two other lives were yet to be caught.
  • From when Cat's eighth life was about to hide inside a fish to after He was out, The life's eyes change from green to white.


For a full transcript of Nine Lives, click here.


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