Mush, Dog, Mush!


Season 1, episode 8b
October 9, 1998
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Armed and Dangerous (broadcast order),
Diamond Fever (production order)
Directed by
Robert Porter, Barry Bunce, Russ Mooney
Written by
Andy Rheingold
Music by
Denis M. Hannigan

Mush, Dog! Mush! is the 16th episode in season one. In this episode, CatDog attempts to win a sled race.



CatDog enters the Idigadog sled race against the Greasers.


  • The Idigadog space is a spoof on the Iditarod.
  • In "CatDog: Quest for the Golden Hydrant", the mini-game "Iced, Thawed, & Delivered" is based on this episode.
  • When Cat was pushing Dog too hard while training him, it was similar to how Spongebob trained Gary in "The Great Snail Race".


For a full transcript of Mush, Dog, Mush!, click here.


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