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Mindy Wonderful


Mindy Wonderful
Mountain Climber
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 Mindy Wonderful is a character who only appeared in the episode "Climb Every CatDog", where she was the main antagonist. She was a grade school classmate of Cat, who always beat him at everything. She arrives in Nearburg, planning to climb to the top of Mount Nearburg and re-name it after her. After taunting Cat for being a loser, he contests that he will beat her to the top of the mountain.

Mindy, Cat and Dog make it with only a few inches left from the peak. Mindy, however, prepares to beat Cat but she is hit by an eagle and a bear who had been involved in a mishap with Cat and Dog when they accidentally hooked their grappling rope onto the horns of a ram. Cat beats Mindy onto the mountain after she got hit by an eagle carrying a bear, but finds out he lost to Dunglap, who arrived at the peak to give Cat back a pair of earmuffs he accidentally dropped while shopping for supplies. 

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