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Kooky Prank Day


Season 3, Episode 20a
April 1, 2000
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Directed by
Robert Porter, Dan Povenmire, Dan Svayko, Arne Wong, Ray Pointer
Written by
Jon Ross, Dan Povenmire

"Kooky Prank Day" is an episode in season three. In this episode, Cat is the butt of all the Kooky Prank Day pranks until he prepares his ultimate practical joke.



Cat wakes up by the alarm clock but a decoy of Cliff held by Dog terrifies him. Cat throws the decoy, where Dog tells him that it is Kooky Prank Day. Cat says he hates Kooky Prank Day but when Winslow comes from his hole, he tells him that the reason he hates Kooky Prank Day is that he never come up any good pranks. Dog goes downstairs to leave the house but Cat resists going out and he tells Dog that he plans to go to the annual Nearburg Park Picnic/Barbecue. Soon Dog and Winslow pranks Cat with a fake radio newscast and fake snow outside their home.

In Nearburg Cat asks Dunglap if he can go to the picnic but he can't because his friend Mervis appears to be dead from a peanut accident. As Cat mourns him, turns out that the bandaged Mervis is a decoy whose head explodes at CatDog, and another Mervis decoy puts a pie from its head into Cat's face. Both Dunglap and the real Mervis say "Double Whammy!" at CatDog.

As Cat drives, a police car chases him. Cat pulls over where police that look identical to the Greasers apprehend them. Cat thinks they are the Greasers in disguise but Dog finds the Greasers in a distance. The police takes CatDog, Mervis, and Dunglap into jail. They later come out with Cat having injuries as punishment. Cat blames Kooky Prank Day for ruining his day. Soon the group moves to the park.

As they reach the park, Rancid tells them that the park is closed and that there is no picnic and barbecue due to wild, rabid, radioactive, bears. Cat does not believe on Rancid but a bear arrives and swallows Rancid. The bear is revealed to have Rancid, Mr. Sunshine, and Eddie in it. Rancid tells CatDog, Mervis, and Dunglap that the park is open and the group enters it.

Cat grills shrimp and gives one to Randolph. Randolph offers Cat to feel his tie but it emits electricity and zaps Cat. Lola appears, offering "potato salad" to Cat but it turns out to be several spring toys coming out of it. As Cat tells Lola about people getting immature, Lola gives Cat another "Potato Salad" which bursts water into Cat's face. Soon Lola gives Cat the third "potato salad" where despite looking like actual potato salad, it explodes at him.

As it is night time, Cat already suffers from many pranks. After Cat gets pie in his face, he tells people that he's "through with Kooky Prank Day". Dog tells that he needs the spirit of Kooky Prank Day but Cat furiously tells him that he is the spirit of Kooky Prank Day because people only pull pranks on him. Cat says there wouldn't be a Kooky Prank Day without him and decides to cancel it, telling everyone to go home. Everyone is depressed at first, however a spaceship appears and fires lasers at the park visitors, causing them to flee. Dog tries to escape but Cat stares at the spaceship. He laughs as Dog questions him and says "Kooky Prank Day" twice. Cat talks to the visitors about his prank and fires a laser. Eventually other characters including Dog see Cat as a prank master. As Cat and Dog talks about the prank, real aliens appear next to them Cat and Dog is about to meet their end, turns out the aliens are costumes used by aliens known as Frenuvalites. As the Frenuvalites greet themselves and reveal that they also enjoy Kooky Prank Day, CatDog turns into an alien which scares the park visitors and the Frenuvalites. In the last shot, t turns out that CatDog controls the alien with a remote. Both Cat and Dog declares that they love Kooky Prank Day.


  • As Rancid waits for the next visitors after CatDog, Mervis ,and Dunglap enters the park, a family of actual radioactive bears appears and Rancid tells them to come in to the park with no prank.
  • Cat's spaceship is made of papier-mache, old plumbing supplies, and a crane used to lift it up. It is controlled with a remote and took months of planning it.

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