Johnny Meatseed is a character in the episode "Meat, Dog's Friends. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Johnny Meatseed is a folklore character who plants meat trees in his way. He sings whenever he plants the meat tree seeds and spits at them to make them grow.

Later when Dog tries to eat Cat, he appears for real to solve their meat problem. He plants several meat trees around their house but Dog can't reach the meat in a tree because they are too high.


Johnny Meatseed's song:

My name is Johnny Meatseed
And I'm a meat tree planting man
I've planted meat trees near and far
across this glorious land!

His second appearance:

Perhaps you think I'm full on bunk
That meat don't grow like that
Well, did you ever see a dog connected to a cat


  • He is a parody of Johnny Appleseed.

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