Home Is Where the Dirt Is


Season 1, Episode 18a
October 26, 1998
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Written By
Andy Rheingold
Supervising Director
Scott Wood
Storyboard Superviser
Mike Svayko
Storyboard Director
Dan Povenmire
Animation Director
Alan Smart

"Home Is Where the Dirt Is" is an episode in season one. In this episode, CatDog tries to catch a gopher, who steals anything in his dirt.



CatDog works in their garden. When Cat is picking turnips, the turnips are from below the ground. When Cat pulls the last turnip, he finds a gopher holding on to it. He tells the gopher to keep away from his vegetables but he tells Cat that they belong to him since he claims the dirt they are grown. Cat tries to get him but he escapes.

Cat attempts to lure Gopher by using a fishing rod with a radish in the hook. After the hooked radish gets into the gopher's hole, the gopher puts the hook into a truck, which causes CatDog to pull it and made the truck fall into themselves. Cat places a radish in a mouse trap with many traps around it. Dog thinks Cat is making a big deal out of nothing, until Gopher steals all the bones from his bone cellar. Dog angrily chases the gopher underground around the house and Nearburg but after falling from a cliff he fails to get Gopher.

CatDog returns home but Cat activates the trap he used for the gopher. After Cat applies a bandage on his wound, Dog growls and runs downstairs to look through the window, where he sees the gopher holding a bone laughing at Dog. Dog wants to to catch Gopher but Cat tells him not to like what he did in Nearburg and to do it in a "safe, scientific way." CatDog builds a drill inside their house.

The next day, CatDog uses their drill to find the gopher. They dig into the gopher's room and confront him. The gopher whistles worms into his room, which gopher tells CatDog that they can eat more of their belongings. Cat tells the gopher that he can do deal with him.

In CatDog's living room, Cat and the gopher agrees that anything above the ground belongs to CatDog and everything below the ground except Dog's bone cellar belongs to the gopher. After CatDog and the gopher signs the document, CatDog's house falls below the ground. The gopher claims the house after it falls below the ground and he tells Cat to get out of the couch.