Hail the Great Meow Woof


Season 2, Episode 3a
February 17, 1999
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Directed by
Scott Wood, Derek Drymon, Gary Goldstein
Written by
Dean Stefan

"Hail the Great Meow Woof" is an episode in season two. In this episode, CatDog are worshiped by island natives.



In a windy day, Dog assembles a kite while Cat reads a book in his chair. Dog lets go of the kite without a string and chases it. As Dog chases the kite approaching the pier, he jumps over the Greasers and grabs onto the kite.

In a tropical island, we see island natives chanting Rancid. Two followers gift Rancid a food offering shaped like his head. CatDog lands into the nose of a statue of Rancid and loses the kite. The statue of Rancid crumbles into rubble. After CatDog comes out of the rubble, Cat apologizes the natives. The natives begin to worship CatDog as if they are gods. Rancid wakes up from his sleep as he sees CatDog and few natives in his hut. Rancid tells CatDog to leave but the natives push him outside, splattering his offering. As he sees his statue gone, CatDog and the natives gets rid of Rancid from the village. Cat thinks of something built at the site of Rancid's statue.

Furious that CatDog is worshiped instead of him, Rancid goes to the Cave of the Ancients. He obtains ancient magic powdered herbs capable of transforming people. The next scene, CatDog sits in a clam shell with a statue of themselves over them. Thinking that they are an ordinary CatDog, Dog tells Cat that they should leave the island. Rancid returns with the herbs. Cat performs a magic trick, ending with the natives cheering after their performance. Rancid shoots the powdered herbs at a lizard native, turning her into a dragon. The transformed lizards breathes fire at a hut before reverting into her original appearance. Rancid tells CatDog if they can fly. Cat flaps his arms exhaustively, with no flying. The natives get upset at CatDog. Rancid tells the natives that CatDog are fake gods. Rancid and the natives chase CatDog.

CatDog swings into a tree, which makes them fall down and bananas fall into them. Rancid blows powder at CatDog. As CatDog keeps running, they turn into animals while arguing over who was to blame. Rancid accidentally trips on a banana peel, and his powder falls at him, turning him into a mouse. CatDog reverts into their original appearances and continue running. As they reach to a cliff, they are surrounded by the natives and Rancid. Dog finds his kite going towards them, and he grabs on it, leaving the island. CatDog crashes into the Greasers preparing to eat a sandwich. The Greasers beat up Cat while Dog holds on to the kite.

Goofs Edit

Dog's mouth doesn't move when he says "What did we do now, Cat?", his face is fixed in a confused.

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