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Cat Diggety Dog is a song from the episode Cat Diggety Dog.


Cat: Now remember, Dog, follow my lead. When I say Cat diggety dog, you say Cat diggety...

Dog: Okay.

Cat diggety dog.

Cat: Cat diggety dog.

Dog: Dog diggety cat.

Cat: Dog diggety cat.

Dog: He wants to do this.

Cat: I wanna do this.

Dog: I gotta do that.

Cat: Teriffic!

Both: How could it get, how could it get, how could it get any better than this?

Cat: I can't imagine.

Dog: 2 in 1 brothers!

Cat: 2 in 1 brothers!

Dog: We never fight!

Cat: We never fight!

Dog: Except when we yell and scream!

Cat: Dog, will you watch?

Dog: When we scratch and bite!

Cat: How could it get, how could it get, how could it get any wetter than this?

Dog: Can I get you a towel?

Cat: Never mind.

Dog: We're salt and pepper.

Cat: We're salt and pepper.

Dog: We're bacon and eggs.

Cat: That's scrambled eggs!

Dog: My legs are his arms!

Cat: His legs are my arms!

Dog: My arms are his legs!

Cat: My body, my body, my body!

Dog: I will gotta eat trash.

Cat: He has to eat trash.

Dog: He's gotta eat well.

Cat: I try to eat well.

Dog: I eat 'til I'm full.

Cat: He eats 'til I'm sick.

Dog: And, boy, do I smell. Whoo! Hi ho diggety!

Cat: No ho diggety.

Dog: When day is done!

Cat: Please say it's done.

Dog: You know, 2 heads.

Cat: What about 2 heads?

Dog: Are more than one!

Cat: Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Dog: Cat's face doesn't get, his face doesn't get, his face doesn't get any redder than this!

Cat: Oh-ho-ho, that's funny. That's those are not the right words.

Both: It just doesn't get, it just doesn't get, it just doesn't get any better than this!

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