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Cat Diggety Dog


Season 2, Episode 9
February 18, 1999
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Directed by
Barry Bunce
Written by
Peter Hannan
Music by
Mark Mothersbaugh

Cat Diggety Dog is the ninth episode of CatDog from the second season.

Characters PresentEdit


Cat and Dog sing the song about what they do every night.


Cat and Dog are backstage at a theater. Dog pulls Cat in front of the curtain. They are both singing. They ask themselves how it could get any better. They explain in a song about how they are two in one brothers and never fight except for when they yell and scream. Cat falls into Dog's bathtub and asks himself how it could get any wetter. They explain how Dog wants to eat trashes while Cat wants to eat well. Cat repeatedly falls on his head. Dog tells the audience that Cat's humor never gets any funnier than this. Cat just rants sarcastically.


  • This episode is included with the VHS release of Together Forever.


For a full transcript of Cat Diggety Dog, click here.


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