(We see CatDog's house in the morning. A clattering noise is heard. The camera zooms out)

Dog: Parents' Day! Parents' Day!

Cat: [screams]

(We see CatDog riding a cart with balloons that is moving fast towards Nearburg. The camera pans right, where we see CatDog and the cart moving over the hill and a sign displaying "Parents' Day" is seen. The scene shifts with CatDog riding their cart towards the camera in the middle of a street in Nearburg. The balloons in the cart cover the screen to a transition where CatDog moves past a movie theater, with the camera zooming in to the sign of the movie theater displaying "STARRING JIM CUMMINGS * TOM KENNY". The screen changes into another movie sign displaying "SPECIAL GUEST STARS BILLY BOB THORNTON JANE KRAKOWSKI", before newspapers fly and cover the screen, displaying "Written by Steven Banks/RobertLamoreaux/Victor Wilson". The scene transitions to a window of a building closed for Parents' Day, which displays "SUPERVISING PRODUCER MARIO PILUSO". The camera pans right showing signs in the red brick wall that shows "CREATIVE DIRECTOR ROBERT PORTER" and other text. We see a quick glimpse of a shadow of CatDog in their cart and hear Cat yelling as the camera pans right. Another sign in a wooden fence with a guitar image displays "MUSIC BY DENIS. M HANNIGAN". The camera pans right again with blue graffiti in a brick wall displaying "STORYBOARD SUPERVISOR MIKE SVAYKO SUPERVISING ANIMATION DIRECTOR NELSON RECINOS", as well as a graffiti of heart with an arrow with the text "SHRIEK DOG" and a peace sign. The scene shifts to a white, partly stitched banner displaying "RANCID PROMOTIONS INC PRESENTS 10TH ANNUAL PARENTS' DAY!" and the camera moves down showing a line of people going to enter the Parents' Day celebration)

Rancid: Step right up for Parents' Day.

(The scene shifts with Rancid in a wooden booth, taking admission money from visitors)

Rancid: You must be accompanied by a parent. 20 bucks to share in the joy and majesty of Parents' Day.

(The next scene, a long line is we see a long line, and CatDog in their balloon cart enters the scene )

Dog: Happy Parents' Day!

(Near a wooden fence, the cart goes around rapidly and stops moving, forming dust. Dog raises a tall, wooden pole with an orange flag with the text "CATDOG" in blue font and a dog bone and fish bone in the top of the pole. Dog looks through a hole in the wooden fence)

Dog: Oh, look how much fun they're having, Cat. Playing leap-parent...

(Dog sees a child and parent playing leap-parent)

Dog: Pin the child on the parent...

(Dog sees a blindfolded mother holding her child to the target, which is the father.

Dog: Hot potato parent...

(Dog sees two children throwing and catching a flame-engulfed man. The scene shifts to a roller-coaster with a child crying)

Child: [crying] Make it stop!

Father: Isn't this great, kiddo!? Your first roller-coaster ride!

Child: But I'm scared!

Mother: Of course you are, sweetie. That's what makes roller-coasters so much fun.

(The roller-coaster descends down and moves at high speed. The scene returns to Dog, where Cliff suddenly appears with his parents. CatDog looks at him.)

Cliff: Hey CatDog! Why don't you come on in and join the fun? [mockingly] Ooh, I forgot, you ain't got no parents. [laughs at CatDog and walks away]

(CatDog looks upset from what Cliff had said)

Dog: We do too have parents! You'll see.

(The scene shifts to Rancid accepting admission from a line of visitors)

Rancid: Thank you, keep the line moving... come on...

(The scene shows two siren on top of the scanner the visitors goes past. Soon we see Rancid again)

Rancid: Hello. Hello, nice to see you.

(Lube appears walking with several parrots perching in his arms and head. As he goes to the scanner, the alarm buzzes, sires activate and he gets caged and a parrot squawks. We see the red siren going on. The next shot shows a sign displaying "NO PARENTS". The cage is lifted shortly after)

Lube: Duh, I love Parrots' Day, heh-heh.

(Lube shows Rancid his parrots. A green parrot perching in his left arm defecates. Rancid is mad at Lube for not bringing parents)

Rancid: Not Parrots' Day, you simpleton. [shows picture of himself as a baby and his parents to Lube] It's Parents' Day, as in the people who raised you, fed you, took care of you and made you what you are today.

(Scene shifts to Lube)

Lube: Duh, right-- parrots.

Rancid: This displays so much. [scolding] Now go on, shoo! You're holding up the line.

(Lube's parrots squawks and takes Lube in the air)

Lube: Hey.. uh... hey...

(The next shot we see a line of people about to do an activity called "Whack-A-Parent")

Rancid: Sing along with Rancid.

(A musical sequence begins. The next scene shows Cliff's father coming out from a hole in the Whack-a-Parent)

Cliff's Dad: Parents

(The next scene shows Rancid's Dad, Mr. Sunshine's Dad, and Shriek's Mom coming out from the holes in the Whack-a-Parent)

Parents: That's right, Parents

(Randolph's Dad, Lola's Mom, and Mr. Sunshine's Dad, and Shriek's Dad comes out from the holes)

All: Tall... short.. wacky... wiggly parents

(Mr. Sunshine hits Shriek's Dad with a hammer, tossing him into the air. The parents sing)

All: We're parental through and through

(Shriek's Dad lands on top of a stack of parents)

All: Raising kids is what we do.

(Below the pile of parents, a mother bathes her daughter. The camera pans right showing kids hanging to dry)

All: Feed'em, wash'em, dry'em, too. We are parents

(The next scene shifts to Cliff's Dad patting Cliff's back)

Cliff's Dad: You heard me-- parents

(Lola and her mom is flying near the roller coaster)

Lola and Lola's Mom: Up, down, sideways, backwards-- parents (ay, yi)

(A family of clowns steps on bananas and slips. The parents dances and balloons are released)

All: Sometimes happy, sometimes not. Some run cold, some run hot. We're the only ones you've got. We're your parents

(Cliff, Shriek, and Lola throws their parents. Cliff's Mom holds her son and parents stand each other. Cliff picks up Eddie andd throws him to the parents stacking like bowling pins)

Bandage boo-boos, scrapes and cuts. Wiping noses drives them nuts. We are parents, we are parents, we are parents!

(The roller-coaster moves upward. The passengers of the roller-coaster fals down from it when it goes upside down and fall back into it)

All: Oh, what a happy sound. Parents falling on the ground.

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