CatDog Food is the fourth episode of CatDog from the first season.

CatDog Food


Season 1, Episode 4
October 5, 1998
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Written by
Lance Khazei & Michael Karnow
Robert Porter & Antoine Guilbaud
Animation Director
George Chialtas
Denis M. Hannigan

Characters PresentEdit


CatDog become famous stars with "CatDog Food". And when the fame goes to Cat's head, he gets cocky, and insults Dog.


CatDog get jobs as food testers and when they find a product that both cats and dogs can enjoy, Rancid Rabbit takes over and creates a huge money making scheme. CatDog become celebrities and fame goes to Cat's head. He starts eating too much and insulting Dog. His cockiness gets the best of him when he accidentally insults Rancid Rabbit, causing the whole deal to crumble before his eyes.


  • This episode's title is a play on the phrases "cat food" and "dog food".

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