Back to School

Back to School

Season 3, Episode 20b
April 1, 2000
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Directed by
Robert Porter, Barrington Bunce, Arne Wong
Written by
Steven Banks

  Back to School is an Season 3 episode.



The episode starts with Cat and Dog eating breakfast with Cat getting stuff from a box filled with school memorabilia. Cat plans to attend the school reunion dance tonight with a school jacket but Dog asks him that the jacket is his. Cat gets Dog's pool diving award as he mistaken it for his achievement in school. Cat then gets the school yearbook and find pictures of him, Dog and their their friend Sally in the past. Cat plans to see Sally again in the school reunion dance. He gets the high school diplomat and it is revealed that Cat's name is not on it. He asks Dog to correct it by visiting their school.

The brothers visited Rancid about the diplomat. It turns out that Cat actually never graduated from high school, meaning that he can't attend the reunion dance. Rancid points out to Cat why he did not get a diplomat was because he never attended the last day of school so for him to have the diplomat and enter the reunion dance, he must go back to school for a day.

Cat and Dog walk in the school hall. Cat does not remember if he had went to the last day of school. They enter science class with Lola as teacher and relatives of the Greasers as students. Cat and Dog work on their science experiment but it exploded when Dog caused a chemical reaction. This caused Cat and Dog to get popularity in school.

Cat and Dog appear walking in the hall again with students trying to talk to them. They enter an English classroom with Sally as teacher. Sally instructs the class to read The Great Catsby. Dog holds a stack of books with his nose while Cat asks Dog to pass a note he wrote for Sally. Dog calls Sally but the book stack fell onto Cat and Dog. Sally asks Cat not to pass notes and with Cat agreeing to speak it out loud in front of the students embarrassingly.

Dog juggles books while Cat wears a dunce cap for his violation. English class ends and Cat asks Sally about the activities after school. Sally asks him that her boyfriend won't like it. Cat and Dog goes to the cafeteria line for lunch. They ask Squeak and Biff if they can eat with them but Squeak says that the table is for cool kids only. They ask Lube's cousin to sit with him but he said that it's for nerds only. Biff throws food at Cat's head and Squeak yells "Food Fight!". The students throw food at Cat with Dog defending him. Rancid appears wanting to know who started the fight. The students claim that Cat started it and he is in trouble again.

Cat writes many "I will not start food fights" in a chalkboard as punishment. He noticed that the school is more strict than when he was a student in the past. He and Dog enters the gym and found Cliff as the gym teacher. Cliff tells students that it is Nearburg Fitness Testing Day and instructs them to climb up on a rope to ring a bell. He asks Cat that he the first student to climb the rope and invites Sally to see him climb. Cat spits on his hands a grabs on to the rope. As he ascends he falls with his hands on the rope. Cliff, Sally and the students calls Cat a loser for failing the rope climb. Cat remembers that this scenario happened in the past as a student and could be the reason why he did not get the diplomat. With Dog asking him to climb the rope, Cat asks Sally that he won't be a loser anymore and climbs the rope again. Cat climbs up and ding the bell with his tongue. Cat and Dog fell onto Cliff. Cat finally wins Sally's favor and receives the high school diplomat from Rancid.

In the next scene, on their way to the dance Cat drives a car with Sally and Dog with him with formal clothes. A police car with Rancid as a police man requests Cat a driver's license. Cat shows him the license but it is revealed that only Dog has a driver's license and not Cat. Sally knew that Cat would be a loser all along and Cat screams for not having a drivers license.


  • Cliff's father appears in a flashback as the previous school coach.
  • The book seen in the episode The Great Catsby is a reference to the novel The Great Gatsby.

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