Scene 1Edit

Act One Edit

The camera pans to the right as various restaurants are seen, then it stops to the one that is shaped like a taco. There is a sign that says "Taco Depot", held by a statue of its mascot named Mr. Depot. Then it cuts to the inside of the restaurant where many customers are seen eating tacos, followed by a counter where Rancid Rabbit and Dunglap are seen standing.

Rancid: Welcome to Taco Depot... uh, Dunglap. (He puts a name tag marked "Dunglap" on his uniform)

Dunglap: Ow! 

Rancid: Three things; One: I'm the guy in the taco shell. Two: Keep this place clean! My boss sometimes drops in. Three: NEVER, EVER, EVER SERVE THAT TACO HOG, CATDOG!

Dunglap: Aye-aye, Taco Shell Guy!

Act TwoEdit

CatDog is now seen standing outside the restaurant, looking at a notice; one of three rules is actually an ideogram superimposed on them.

Dog: "No shirt, no shoes, no CatDog".

Cat: Please, Dog; don't humiliate me again! "All You Can Eat" does not mean you can actually eat it all! Face it, we've been banned from Taco Depot!

Dog: Don't worry, Cat; Dunglap will take care of us. (Camera zooms in to the inside of Taco Depot where Dunglap is seen.)

Cat: Aren't you forgetting about Rancid Rabbit!? 

Scene 2Edit


Act OneEdit

Act TwoEdit

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Act TwoEdit

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